Basket making is a family tradition. I made the basket on the left recently.
My grandfather made the basket on the right in 1991. I still use it everyday!


Proceeds from everything sold on this website go to our adoption fund.

This site is still under construction.  Please stop back often for updates, new pictures, and new designs.

If you would like to order a basket, please email me at the above

email address with your request.


Picture Left: Three possible stain options, Early American stain, Clear Polyurethane, and Light Walnut   

Picture Right: Oval basket approximately 6"x10" with Early American Stain

Oval Basket - $12 unstained; $13 stained; $15 painted


Small round basket - approximately 6" in diameter. $12 unstained; $13 stained; $15 painted



Mini Picnic basket - approximately 7"x9" inches. $15 unstained; $16 stained; $18 painted.

This size basket would make a great baby gift filled with lotions, wipes, socks, etc.

Ten inch round basket. $20 unstained; $21 stained; $23 painted


Large picnic basket (12" x 16") with casserole tray - unstained $38

This casserole basket would make a great Mother's Day gift - especially if your mom cooks often for church pot lucks or takes food to family and friends

      Large picnic basket (12"x16")with casserole tray - Golden Oak Stain; $38 unstained; $39 stained; $41 painted


Bread Basket 6"x18" stained with Golden Oak; $20 unstained; $21 stained; $23 painted